Devotee: Can you explain us the origin of Swadharma?

Baba: Swadharma is the teaching of God. From the beginning of the creation itself this teaching was in existence. But this knowledge will not work if it is only being theoretical. God Realization is not possible just by theory only. When you are sick, you go to the doctor. If you do not take medicine according to the prescription and keep it in your pocket, the medicine will not work. You have to consume the medicine. Although you know Swadharma, it will not be fruitful unless you practice it.

Devotee: If so, are the basic principles of Swadharma same to all?

Baba: The basic principles of Swadharma are same to all. However, an individual should practice it according to time, place and circumstances. You know, we have to conduct our necessary duties for the body just like breathing, eating, sleeping, and seeing etc. It is same to all. Each individual should do these activities according to his capacity. The one, who goes on practicing Swadharma, as taught by a Realized Soul, goes on enjoying its importance.


Devotee: Baba, why are we unhappy?

Baba: You are unhappy, because you are not living the Right Life.

Devotee: What is Right Life?

Baba: Right Life is a life full of discrimination. By its practice, all desired goals of life could easily be achieved. It gives priority only to the necessary duties and is essential for the realization of the Higher Self in a short period.

Devotee: What is the greatest aim of this birth?

Baba: The greatest aim of this birth is to realize the Self and ultimately God.

Devotee: Why is it necessary that one should realize one’s own Self ?

Baba: Before realizing God, one should realize his Individual Self. He cannot be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent without realizing God. One can never be freen from Tri VidhaTaapa or three types of worldly miseries.

Devotee: Can you elaborate on Swadharma Sadhana?

Baba: Swadharma Sadhana consists of three disciplines. You see we are in the material world. We should have a job or do some professions to meet our daily necessities. Without money, we cannot run our daily life and protect our family and ourselves. We have to fulfill our duties towards our home, family, society and country. All these activities should be completed efficiently. To lead Swadharma Sadhana you have to sharpen your intelligence and make your mind pure.

Devotee: How to make our mind strong and pure?

Baba: To make the mind strong you should practice Divine Virtues as mentioned earlier. This is self-surrender or Yoga. The main thing is that one should not waste time in discussing unnecessary subjects and brooding. You have to gradually increase time for your contemplation and meditation on your Higher Self, which will lead you to God Consciousness later. Reduce the unnecessary worldly involvements. If you go on practicing with sincerity and devotion you will gradually reach at a highest point.

(Read the story of Tuladhar in Mahabharata)

Devotee: Where can we read the teachings on Swadharma?

Baba: The entire Vedas talks about this. In particularly Puranas such as Bhaagavata, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata mentions Swadharma in great detail. Always keep in mind that the teachings we read in books do not convey in-depth meaning to the Sadhaka. Guidance from a Realized Soul is a must. Without the help from a highly evolved Guru, you cannot understand the inner meaning of the topics; and you might misinterpret the teachings and be lost in your pursuit of spirituality.

Devotee: Beside these, are there any other books or teachings where we can read about Swadharma?

Baba: You can find them in Buddhist philosophy and they come under the Eight Noble Paths. Similarly, in Christianity there are the Ten Commandments, which deals with ethics too. In Islam too there are these teachings. For a sincere seeker, a Self Realized Guru is necessary. He can teach according to the capacity and ability of the sadhaka. If you go deeper in Sadhana, you reach a state of total calmness. Do not stop there and keep on progressing as there is no boundary in the knowledge of God.

Devotee: What are the differences between Swadharma Sadhana and the practices of other religions?

Baba: Human beings have always been asking the questions on the mystery of life and the creation. It prevailed from the very beginning of mankind. The same mystery is prevailing now too, and also will follow in the future. Since this being a universal question all religions talks about Swadharma in their own concept.

Devotee: Is Swadharma and Varnashrama Dharma associated with each other?

Baba: These days some intellectuals are interpreting Varnashrama Dharma or caste system as Swadharma, which is a wrong interpretation. Main objective of Swadharma is to perform our necessary duties in order to realize our Higher Self and not to speculate on caste system. Varnashrama Dharma should not obstruct anyone who wants to practice Swadharma.

Devotee: Does it mean that without the practice of Swadharma, Self Realization is not possible?

Baba: Yes. Practice it regularly and sincerely. Where Swadharma is practiced, you will realize your Inner Self. By which in time with your sincerity God appears before you and you can see Him. After God Realization, you cross the ocean of birth and death forever. 

Devotee: Are the Three Principle of Swadharma is same for one and all?

Baba: The basic principle of Swadharma is same for all. But the implementation varies. Each individual should apply it according to time, place and circumstances. It differs from age to age, nation to nation and individual to individual. In Swadharma Sadhana the sadhakane ither leads over comfortable life or a life of discomfort. It is a useful instrument for Truth seekers. One, who does not apply Swadharma in his day-to-day activities, cannot achieve success in spirituality or worldly pleasures.

Devotee: Is there any difference between other living beings and the human?

Baba: Other living beings life is fixed towards instinct and reproduction but human life is Karma Bhumi or the land for discharging duties and a probation where he can achieve goals. He can apply his free will as he wishes. This is the world where human being can accumulate either Divine Virtues or demonic natures.

Devotee: How can we realize God immediately?

Baba: There are necessary duties, which you have to perform due to a human birth. Apart from spending time for the above one should spent the rest of his time in meditation towards God Consciousness. In that way, you can realize God immediately. King Khatwanga, as mentioned in the Bhaagavata, is a clear example. In the Gita too, Lord Krishna has categorized his devotee into

four. They are:

Aarta: The distressed devotee, who is suffering very

much to be relieved from pain and sorrow.

Jingyasu: Inquisitive seeker towards higher knowledge.

Artharthi: Desirous for earthy possession like money

and land.

Janni: One possessing of higher spiritual knowledge. Among these, the one who possesses spiritual knowledge (Janni) is the best. He knows that the world and its objects are perishable. Unless you fulfill the earnings (Prarabdha) of your past life, you cannot be free from the cycle of birth and death. Though you realize God, you have to clear your balance, or clear the earnings of past life or Prarabdha.

Devotee: How can we have desired goal?

Baba: Without dexterity and hard labour, we cannot achieve the desired goal. Those who did good works in their past life can realize God in a short period of time. By the result of good works, one can accumulate Divine Virtues. That is why we should be strict in our duties only. Non-duties bring about negative result.


Devotee: If so, every human being, irrespective of his caste, creed, color or religion should lead Swadharma to realize God?

Baba: Every individual can practice Swadharma. Success and failure are common to all. The aspirant should not only seek good results and success alone. At times, when one is unsuccessful, he should not be bewildered; he should stand up and move on. Human tendency is such that in good results they become happy and in bad result they get miserable. In the Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna to be strict on fulfilling duty without expecting the fruits.

Devotee: Is there any easier means to achieve progress in Swadharma?

Baba: Always keep in mind that death may occur at any time. Do duties and avoid un-necessary involvements and gossips. Then only it is possible to achieve progress in Swadharma Sadhana. It is the synopsis of all the scriptures. It can be compared to currency notes and coins. If you have to carry coins from one place to another, it will be heavy as well as difficult. But, if you carry currency notes instead, it will be easier. All the scriptures are just like the mount of coins, but Swadharma Sadhana is like currency notes.